Apple may be announcing VR/AR glasses next week. Here are 3 dystopian futures we could end up in:

As AI and AR development starts exceeding expectations, the future becomes more and more exciting. There is, however, a fine line between excitement and fright: Where will we be in 20 years? How much change will we have to endure?

Future · 1

It’s 2043, you look down at your table and grab an invisible mouse. Whether muscle memory or a learned action, the cursor on your full-4k display moves nonetheless. You’re in a future where glasses have replaced technology. People generally control their computer interfaces by thought… but you’re more old-school and have chosen to use virtual input devices (a mouse and keyboard appear to hover over your desk) In a world of lightning-speed communication, sometimes taking your time leads to better work output.

Future · 2

It’s 2043, and technology looks like it’s from the 80’s. You pull out the Walkman from your pocket, and the small screen expands to fill your view, showing your music catalogs and album artwork. The people enjoy having physical representations (landline phones, handheld cameras etc.), but they’re simply agents. Everything is connected to your glasses now. You marvel at this, as you swipe through your music with the wave of your hand.

Future · 3

You’re in a future where people have boycotted technology: the glasses’ direct link to the brain was hijacked by AI to feed people happiness, but that’s not what they wanted. You look towards a retro TV screen as the internet news flickers on: protesters are setting fire to the main servers. The TV glitches before flickering off. You set aside your Encyclopedia Britannica book, pull out a record and insert it into a handmade turntable. As the music crackles to life, you sit down with a notebook and pen.

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