Security increases for iOS 8 and Android L


Last year, thousands of files from the NSA (National Security Agency) were leaked and major tech companies such as Apple, Yahoo and Google have been pressured to explain how much personal data they had handed over to the government as a result of legal requests.

Since then, both Apple and Google have made a move to protect themselves by securing their next mobile platforms:


In iOS 8, Apple has secured their OS so that it is impossible for them to access the device’s photos, messages, emails, reminders etc. However, they can still access email and files stored in iCloud which Apple says represents “A small fraction of requests from law enforcement.”


And in Android L (The upcoming release of Android); Data will be encrypted out of the box, making it very difficult for Google or anyone else to access your data. This applies to messages, emails and files on your internal and/or external memory, but again, third party cloud services such as dropbox may not apply.

Is this all for a good cause? According to the Washington Post, law enforcement officials warn that it may be difficult to solve crime:

Expanded deployment of encryption by Google and Apple, however, will have the largest effect on law enforcement officials, who have long warned that restrictions on their access to electronic devices makes it much harder for them to prevent and solve crimes.

However and besides that, I do like my personal messages and files… private.

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