How to run a custom rom on A53 5G

Files can be found here.
These are the latest GSIs.

Note that this is unofficial, I take no responsibility for damage to your device, and this will blow your Knox bit.

At this point, only certain variants of the A53 seem to be able to unlock their bootloader.

1. Unlock bootloader by opening developer options and flipping the “unlock bootloader” switch.

2. Boot into download mode (press and hold vol + and — while plugging into computer).
Press and hold vol + to enter unlock mode. Accept and click enter. Your phone will reset.

3. Using Odin, flash fastbootd through AP. (recovery.img).

4. Press and hold volume + key as the phone reboots, as when you restart again it will reverse this step. You should be in recovery now.

Click on fastboot.

5. Get fastboot working on your computer. Test connection by using the command “fastboot devices” to see if your device is there.

6. Run the command fastboot flash system [name of gsi file]. (without square brackets)

7. When you’re done, run ./fastboot –disable-verity –disable-verification flash vbmeta vbmeta.img

8. Go back to recovery and wipe your phone.

9. Go back into fastboot, flash magisk file if you would like root: fastboot flash boot magisk

10. Wipe again, reboot.

11. Once you are fully booted in, open settings > phh settings (first entry) > misc settings > then scroll down until you find “force fps”

Change that to the @120fps option.

Hope this helps! Note that amongst other things, WiFi hotspot doesn’t work, Samsung Health has issues too. I couldn’t get my watch 4 working with GSI.

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